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Chairman’s Message

I made a humble start in agro industry after acquiring masters degree in Business Administration and realized very soon that our agri sector was performing far below its potential despite the fact that majority of our population depended upon it.

Our agri output was much lower than that of our neighbors. Pest and weather had pronounced and beyond control effects on our agri production. This realization inspired me to make dedicated efforts towards positive contribution to this sector.

With this inspiration, the foundation of Auriga Chemicals was laid. I remain proud of my team whose committed efforts have helped the organization to lay solid foundations for futuristic efforts and developments. From the beginning, research has been made a cornerstone of all our activities. Auriga Research Farms, under highly skilled technical staff are continuously producing high quality products.

Today, Auriga Chemicals is a group of companies, fielding variety of products against pests and weeds along with high quality seeds. Our collaboration and Joint Venture with International Institutions pave the way for transfer of technology, leading to produce quality seeds at economical prices.

We are making devoted efforts towards achieving the objective of high yield and quality so that our hard working farmers get the just reward of their labor, resulting into national development, progress and prosperity.

In a very short span of time, Auriga Group has covered laudable milestones. Our exponential growth is the result of the drive, determination, trust, hard work and attention to quality of our people; the management, the employees and our clients all feature in the story of our success. We are constantly and consistently improving the quality of our products and our business processes, utilizing cutting-edge research and technology to continue with this successful trend.


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