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Auriga offers a wide range of products for farmers and urban customers which boost state of the art technological advancements and yield results.Whether it’s combating pests, controlling weeds, or simply increasing productivity, farmers can rest assure they are getting the most out of every acre with our wide range of products.

Our Micronutrients promote growth in plants even under adverse soil conditions.

Our Hybrid Seeds offer farmers a wide range of corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, canola and sugarcane seeds. We use our elite seed genetics and cutting-edge traits and technologies to develop seeds that meet with the farmers’ wants and needs.


These products mobilize phosphorus fixed into the soil, increase fertilizer use efficiency of added phosphatic fertilizers and ensure availability of phosphorus till the crop matures. It provides plant growth promoting hormones in the rhizosphere that enhance the growth of the plant. As a result, crops are enabled to higher yields.

Crop Supplements:

Comus / Vital / Novum

Our crop supplements can perform an increasing array of functions for a crop. They improve general health and biochemical characteristics of plants, thereby, reshaping the plants for higher yields and tolerance to water and temperature stress. They accelerate photosynthetic rate of the plant and thus help to increase the number and size of the bolls by about 10–15%, and reduce bud drop by providing the necessary nutrition. Our crop supplements also have immunostimulatory effect and enable the plant to fight against pests, diseases and the danger of virus attack.

Galore / Grow Up / Cresco

Galore / Grow Up / Cresco are supreme quality products, the combination of NPK and other useful growth products that boost up plant growth and initiate new leaves and more flowers. These products have miraculous results when applied on crops that remain stunted due to any stress like low or high temperature, drought, disease, late sowing or malnutrition. They shift the crop from termination to rejuvenation and help the plant to reach its genetic potential naturally, which definitely results in higher yield and better quality of product.


Micronutrients help in plant growth and are required by plants in very small (micro) quantities. They play a very important role in plant metabolism from germination to maturity.

Zarcon / Zeneca / Glorious for fertigation and Microcure/Helper/Microzit for foliar application are the special microfertlizers of Auriga Group. These high efficacy products have high fertilizer use efficiency and ensure the availability of micronutrients under adverse soil conditions.

Hybrid Rice Seeds:

Pukhraj, Almas and Koh-i-noor

Pukhraj, Almas and Koh-i-noor yield 100 mons to 150 mons per acre, with a longer grain than ordinary hybrid rice, and are immune to crop diseases.


Shahkar yields two to three times more than ordinary mustard and the crop is ready for harvest by end of March allowing for quick planting of other crops.

Honey Graze

6 harvests in one planting. Nutritious, resulting in guaranteed increase in production of milk.

Ranger 50% SC:

Ranger 50% SC, an anti-termite solution, is formulated at state-of the-art R&D Laboratories, manned by an excellent pool of professionals. Ranger 50% SC is the best quality non-toxic, non-hazardous, environment friendly anti-termite water mixable product for wood and soil treatment. It is the most effective anti-termite treatment ever marketed in Pakistan.


Ranger 15% EC:

Ranger 15% EC is an emulsifiable insecticide with improved characteristics to treat all indoor & outdoor insects, making your life happier and safer. A guarnteed recipe to make your homes, work place and storage, pest free.


Ranger 100% SC:

Ranger 100% SC is a broad spectrum Synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide introduced by Auriga Urban Pest Division. It is a fast acting residual spray that works better than any other sprays. It consists of microscopic particles of crystalline ingredient that kills all the insects. It not only kills on contact, but clings to the feet and antennae of cockroaches, flees and other insects.


Ranger 10% WP:

Ranger 10%WP turns offices / houses or any other buildings into a “Safe House” because it kills all intruders instantly.


Ranger 15% WP:

Ranger 15%WP is a powerful formula which is the ultimate solution against all kinds of crawling / flying insects, even in the open spaces.

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