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Research & Development Wing

Auriga Group has a culture of teamwork and collaboration. We are a leading innovator in hybird seeds and micro fertilizers. While we are constantly enhancing our in-house research & development, we are also enriching our discovery flow with an extensive network of third-party alliances.

Auriga’s R&D department comprises of pesticides, Plant Nutrition and Seeds divisions. Each division is led by qualified professionals who are conducting innovative and quality research to serve the farming community in collaboration with national and international institutions.

Research collaborations

  • Joint Venture with Hubei Provincial Seed Corporation China:

We are currently collaborating with a Chinese giant Hubei Provincial Seed Corporation for research and import purposes.

  • Bio-Sciences Department, COMSATS Islamabad:

Auriga Group has collaborated with COMSATS Islamabad to meet the real challenges of developing and maintaining the quality standard growth of agriculture. Auriga Group’s bio-fertilizers are a real breakthrough in Pakistan’s agricultural history.

Our CSR – Our Investment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities reflect the uniting bond between communities and organizations beyond business. Auriga Group has actively been involved in CSR activities, leading to higher standards of life and eradication of social problems.

  • Rural Women Empowerment through financial support for small scale business
  • Financial Assistance
  • Supporting the students pursuing education in agriculture
  • Regular Agriculture Refresher Courses to introduce farmers to new technologies and best practices from the acquisition of quality seeds to final harvest


Auriga Food Security Program (AFSP):

Auriga Food Security Program is a trust registered with the Government of Pakistan. Auriga Food Security Program is a multi-dimensional program.The program focuses on helping farming communities to improve their lives. This is done by promoting and disseminating simple, low-cost technologies to improve the yields and income of poor farming households.

Vibrant Rural Economy:

For a vibrant rural economy, we focus upon:-

  • Empowerment of farmers through provision of quality inputs i.e
  • seeds, pesticides, bio technology at their doorsteps
  • Dissemination of agro knowledge
  • Imparting training on modern technologies

Auriga School of Horticulture for education of farmers to introduce new technologies and means for progressive farming and assisting farmers in acquiring quality seeds, plants and implementation of all innovative techniques.

Scholarships for Farmers’ Children:

Auriga Group is working on a ‘Scholarship Program’ that will help the children of poor farmers. This scholarship will be awarded to those children who want to study agriculture and take it as a profession in the future. The group intends to bear all the educational expenses of such students.

Financial Assistance:

This program is in place to meet the household and domestic needs of the farming community.

The financial assistance also includes funds for helping the needy farmers on the weddings of their daughters, enabling them to manage their expenses respectfully.

Dairy Farming Support through Technology:

Auriga is encouraging farmers on dairy farming through modern high tech methods so that they can achieve best results.

Support to Educational Institutions:

Auriga provides research opportunities to the deserving students of agriculture who come from farmers’ families. We organize and host seminars highlighting agro issues and challenges so that they are aware of the latest updates in the industry. We also organize visits to farms to give students firsthand knowledge of farming. We award gold medals to the toppers to encourage them to pursue their studies.


A professional pest control company

Auriga Urban Pest Management (AUPM) dealing with Termite Proofing, Fumigation and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We offers fully on comprehensive urban pest control services covering all villas, apartments, hospitals, schools, hotels, warehouse, food industry, industry of commerce, government and public services etc.

Providing the Utmost Services through our Dedicated Company Staff:

  • Free physical survey by our professional staff.
  • Free professional consultancy advice by our expert.
  • Providing the right application procedure to a certain target pest.
  • Providing the utmost services through customer satisfaction.


We Offers the Services:

  • Termite proofing
  • Fumigation
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services



“Conform with stringent, international standards to ensure world-class quality throughout”.

1) ISO 9001: 2008 Certified status achieved by Auriga Chemicals Enterprises

Auriga Chemicals is commited to achieving total customer satisfaction by consistently delivering high quality, cost effective products and services on time. We are devoted to vigorous innovation and constant improvement of all business processes, a fact evident in our ISO 9001: 2008 certified status.

This certification is awarded by meeting or exceeding stringent international standards and testifies to an organization’s commitment to quality and excellence. All our business processes in our divisions of agro-chemicals, fertilizers and seeds comply with these standards.

We encourage and empower our staff to adhere to the quality framework laid out by the standards as an individual responsibility as well as through excellent teamwork.

2) ISO/ IEC 17025 Accreditation

As a quality-minded organization, Auriga understands that our goal of quality control can only be achieved through consistency, quality and efficiency of our products. With this mission in mind, we have proceeded for ISO/ IEC 17025 Lab Accreditation so that quality be ensured in the best possible way.

3) STAR FARM (In process for Auirga Seed Corporation)

Another testament to our commitment to quality is our application to the product traceability certification by Global Gap & IFS. Acknowledging best farming practices around the globe, this coveted status highlights an agro-business’s involvement in enhancing food safety and quality. Through assessment and consultation, technique guidance and a unique traceability system, the Star Farm standard provides a thorough and unambiguous food quality control and improvement system.

Field Advisory Services

Tele-Marketing (Services)

Auriga Group of companies feels honor of having the only true telemarketing department in agriculture industry of Pakistan. The aim of our telemarketing department is “To enhance per acre yield of farmer by communicating new technologies and recommend solution to eradicate yield reducing factors”. With a dedicated staff allocated to all zones, we provide All crop-One call services to our precious customers. Our telemarketing department bridges between field team and customer to make sure that we are one knock away through their cell phone. We maintain detail information of our customer and keep them updating before and during cropping season. Telemarketing plays an important role as a helpline for customers. We provide updated information to farmers to enhance yield and also serve to sort field issues. We feel honor when farmer gives us a call while standing in field to get solution of his concern. Customer Relation officer recommends solution through consultation with Technical Training head to provide on spot solution to farmer. Telemarketing simultaneously links customer with our field staff to arrange visits to analyze severity of concern and recommend accordingly.

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