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Auriga Group

Auriga Group of Companies started as a small business entity in agro sector some 20 years ago. It has grown into a brand now with a strong personal con- nection with growers. Over the past 20 years, the values of the brand haven’t changed. Building and keeping those strong relationships with farmers and improving on-farm productivity are still the top priorities. The overview of our companies can give you an insight into how we became a brand!


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Auriga Group of companies is a leading provider of high-quality fertilizers committed to fostering sustainable agriculture practices. With a legacy of excellence, we blend innovation and tradition to optimize crop yields, ensuring a bountiful harvest for farmers around the globe.

Give your crops the ultimate advantage with our Premium Crop Boost fertilizer. Specially formulated with a potent blend of essential nutrients, this product promotes robust plant growth, increases yield, and enhances the overall health of your crops. Whether you’re a large-scale farmer or a home gardener, Premium Crop Boost is your key to a flourishing harvest. Perfect for those seeking a greener approach to agriculture, Organic Harmony Blend ensures healthier crops and a thriving ecosystem.

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Introducing Turbo Growth Formula – our high-performance fertilizer designed for rapid plant growth.

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Our Groups


Auriga Chemicals Enterprises

Auriga Chemicals is the parent company. It has a well built sales and marketing network with a team of 150 dedicated agriculture graduates and 9 warehouses across Pakistan.Our commitment to excellence .

Bravo Crop Sciences

Bravo Crop Sciences is an evolution and revolution in the agro sector of Pakistan. The company is aimed at making farmer rigorous and responsive to the modern needs and changes of agriculture.

Roshan Crop Sciences

The "Roshan Nagar” a franchise network due to its distinguish latest research oriented products and quality services to the growers at their door steps through qualified and highly trained professionals.

Auriga Seed Corporation

Auriga Seed Corporation is focused on research and development of seed varieties using indigenous pool of genetics coupled with elite sources of genetics around the world.

Auriga Fertilizer

Auriga fertilizer is basically a research and production wing and have a mandate to develop novel combinations of micro and macro nutrients together with growth regulators and growth promoters specific to different crops.
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Our Crop is Grown with Great Care and Love for Nature

Expertise and Experience

The Auriga Group has a strong track record and extensive expertise in the agriculture sector. hey have been serving in this industry for a considerable amount of time.

Innovative Approach

Auriga Group is known for its innovative approach, actively exploring and implementing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable agricultural practices to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Global Reach

Auriga Group have a presence in various regions, enabling them to offer their services and support to clients on a global scale.


We Appreciate Your Trust Greatly

Instead of relying on outsourcing and subsequently compromising on the quality of our products. Auriga Group owns cultivable farmland spanning nearly 6000 acres across Pakistan. Led by professional agriculturists and using state of the art techniques and technology. Seeds for domestic use as well as for future are grown on these tracts. Our future goals include increasing this area five times to 25000 acres. Allowing us to meet exponentially growing requirements for quality seeds in our homeland and abroad.

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    Auriga Group’s deep understanding of the agriculture sector and their tailored approach to our specific needs have been instrumental in our success. Their dedicated team has been a trusted partner, helping us overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

    Abdul Majid


    We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Auriga Group. Their cutting-edge technology and precision agriculture solutions have revolutionized our farming practices, resulting in higher yields and reduced costs. They are true leaders in the industry.

    Aqeel Ahmed


    Auriga Group’s commitment to excellence and their customer-centric approach make them stand out in the agriculture sector. Their support and guidance have been instrumental in optimizing our farming operations and achieving remarkable results.

    Asad Jawad

    Farm Owner