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Chairman’s Message

“For decades, we have been witnessing nations struggling to control the ever-in- creasing population of their countries. According to present statistics, maximum control has been taken over the matter, with Pakistan being the sixth in the que of controlling the population crisis. However, facts indicate that population of various nations is on the rise again and this time it has raised beyond the line of control. In the midst of this all, nations have to manage their food and other resources in order to match the pace of the speculated rise in the population. Digging into the evidences has shown that Pakistan has plummeted to thirteenth position on the disaffiliating of the available per capita grains and other comestibles. This is the result of pesticides being considered a villainous gender of agriculture business in our country. Meanwhile, the nations which embraced innovation and incorporated smart pesticide solutions have once again escalated above the scale of per capita available grains. The contrast of both aspects therefore constitutes the truth that the biggest business in the coming future is the distribution of agro inputs. This enormous gap in the segment high- lights the potential for great business opportunities for our franchises and dealers. With a motive to revolutionize agriculture of Pakistan, Auriga Group aims to introduce a wide range of chemistries and mixtures in the coming years. We strive on introducing the latest technology in the agro chemical market, while imparting the best management techniques to our franchise holders. We appreciate the initiatives of the individuals, who have devoted their careers to attaining a sustainable, eco-friendly and integrated approach to agriculture. Auriga Group intends to keep the torch of innovation lit brighter than ever to illuminate new paths for agricultural success in Pakistan. We respect and appreciate the generosity of our host communities and are committed to their welfare and development through our vibrant corporate social responsibility initiatives.”