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Auriga Seed Corporation

Auriga Seed Corporation

Auriga Seed Corporation Believe in ‘Better Seeds for A Brighter Future’. Since seed is the most fundamental and imperative element that farmer sow to reap the benefits of harvest. Seed is a Business of finding right kind of genetics adoptable to our climate. Auriga Seed Corporation is focused on research and development of seed varieties using indigenous pool of genetics coupled with elite sources of genetics around the world. The company has focused on developing and procuring high yielding hybrids of field and vegetable crops. The company is actively engaged in sourcing of transgenic technologies from local research institutes and developed nations.

Best Seed Corporation

At Auriga Seed Corporation, we recognize that seeds are the foundation of agriculture. Our dedication to seed quality and innovative is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to providing farmers with the finest, most genetically advanced seeds to foster robust and high-yielding crops. Auriga Seed Corporation’s unwavering commitment ensures that farmers have access to the best seeds, supporting their journey to more productive and sustainable agriculture.

Dedication of Our Group

In the world of agriculture, innovative is the driving force behind progress, and at Auriga Seed Corporation, we are dedicated to advancing the field through our commitment to innovation. We invest significantly in research and development, collaborating with agricultural experts and farmers to ensure that our seed products are at the forefront of innovation. Our dedication to innovation empowers farmers with the latest advancements in seed technology, allowing them to meet the evolving demands of modern agriculture with confidence.